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About Claire
Image by Scott Webb


Claire Myers sitting relaxed on a blue yoga mat on a green grass outdoors

Hi I'm Claire

I am passionate about my work, my customers (I call them LPP's  Lovely Pilates People) and the classes I deliver. 

I love being out in our beautiful Dorset countryside near (or better still 'in') the sea.  My hobbies include walking,  swimming, dogs, horses and finding all sorts of fun.


Although I love all types of movement, I believe everything we do in class needs to be useful in everyday life, therefore,  functional movement plays an important role in my classes 

I am always learning and refreshing my skills.  As the Pilates Industry is largely unregulated, I source my training carefully to make sure I am up to date with current evidence based research.


  • Pilates Instructor (Matwork & Equipment)   

  • Level 4  Lower Back Pain Specialism

  • Registered Equipilates (tm) Instructor

  • Modern Dance Teacher (ISTD)

  • Masters Health Promotion

  • Biomechanics & Nervous System Trained

My Aims

  • To be safe: offer only safe exercises for spine and other joint health

  • To be functional: all the exercises need to be relevant to functional movement

  • To build strength by developing exercises towards everybody’s individual capacity

  • To work the whole body, choosing exercises which work all through the body during the class

  • To remain engaging: offering exercises that challenge physically & offer variety

  • To be up to date and follow current research in the field of anatomy, functional movement and exercise​​

Claire is riding a horse in a field
A group of people performing pilates exercises while Claire Myers giving them instructions

About Pilates

Claire and a woman sitting on the floor with their arms up

What to expect

Whatever the level of fitness, gender or age, Pilates is a  wonderful tonic for all  bodies. Because of the gentle nature of Pilates, everyone can do it, from those with injuries or other limitations, to the super fit who are after a greater challenge.


All exercises  are layered or modified to work to each participants capabilities. Beginners start with basic exercises and build up gradually to more challenging exercises with careful attention to good technique, only progressing when ready.


In time the participant will know their own limitations and will recognise the different ways to modify or develop the exercises.  Once the technique has been learned,  the principles will be carried over into every day normal movements. This really helps encourage you to manage your own health and fitness.  Pilates is for Life!

About Pilates

Spine Safe

Claire and her client doing spine safe set of exercises

What does Safe Spine mean?

Many of the original pilates exercises devised by Joseph Pilates himself are not suitable for those with issues such as back pain, osteoporosis or disc problems.  Some types of Pilates may follow a program of classical pilates exercises which do not take this into account.

After having taught Pilates for many years, I could see that certain exercises, although part of the original repertoire, were not helping. After a lot of further research and training, I now only offer exercises which will strengthen and support the body without risking damage to the structures of the spine.

We still work hard, but safely

The objective is to keep the spine in neutral

To do this, we need to understand what neutral means, how to find it but then more importantly, how to ‘hold’ it whilst we perform the exercises.  This requires (and builds) enormous strength which can then more effectively support normal functional movement.


We will not perform Spinal Flexion and will limit side bending and rotation to very small safe ranges.

Conditions I have studied and work with

  • Back Pain

  • Osteporosis

  • Stenosis

  • Disc Problems

  • Hypermobility

These are conditions which I have studied and I work with regularly in my classes.  Exercises we do will assume some kind of issue and will therefore all be Spine Safe. However, although I can adapt & modify exercises in class, a group class program is aimed at working the whole group and are not necessarily perfect for the individual.  That is a limitation of group classes and where 1:1 sessions can be useful, I am always happy to discuss your individual needs, drop me an email at

What to expect at a class of Claire Myers Pilates?

We do exercises which do not involve bending the back under load, and keep rotation and side bending to a very safe range.


There will be a lot of focus on keeping the spine still, and working on improving strength and mobility through the hips & shoulders.


As the hips & shoulders become stronger, there will be less pressure on the spine. Over the course of the term, we will build up the knowledge and challenge of a certain set of exercises to build strength. It is important to keep working at an exercise to allow the body to strengthen.  


However, each term, the focus and repertoire will then change.  This is more effective at strengthening by providing the mind and body with a variety of different exercises.

Spine Safe
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