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In-Person Group Pilates

I offer a powerful combination of Real & Online Pilates classes.  These classes allow you to practice Pilates safely anytime, anywhere, as often as you want, at a level that suits your needs. You can join in-person, on Zoom, YouTube or Facebook. 



Choose from one of the Membership options to suit the weekly amount of content, exercise inspiration and flexibility you require (in-person and online)

A group of people doing standing butterfly pilates exercise


Fast Track Strength & Flexibility

Future proof your body with more Pilates, quicker results, greater variety and flexible access.   Feel more confident in  your body through more regular practice, with targeted workouts whenever your body needs it

The All makes the MOST sense if you want to fast track the benefits Pilates 

Full classes, Short 20 minute fitness & release workouts   (new sessions weekly)- whole term access to all routines - FREE maintenance over mid term & hols - requests for workout themes 

  • 6 week course

  • 1 x in-person class per week

  • Unlimited online classes and access

  • Bonus express Fitness or Release routine

  • FREE maintenance over holidays

  • Access to VIP and private facebook support group

  • £108 (however EarlyBird discount £89.50)

A group of people doing exercises in a pilates studio on blue mats


Reduce Aches & Pains

This is for you if you want one regular weekly session to future proof your body, feel less aches and pains and learn Pilates properly.

One class a week developing the exercises with weekly progressions   Chose your preferred method, in- person, Zoom, 7 day access pre-record.

  • 6 week course

  • 1 class per week

  • Replay of class available online if you miss it

  • Access to private facebook support group

  • £78 (however EarlyBird discount £62.40)



TERM Dates

New Term   SUMMER starting June 10th    (EarlyBird 24th May)

Current Term         ending May 24th 

* class on bank holiday Monday replaced on Wednesday 8th

How it works

Class Schedule

Please bring your own mat when coming to In-Person classes


Zoom @ 9:30am

Pre-recorded classes

Gentle &  Improver 


St Marys Dorchester


6:10pm Gentle

7:15pm Improver


FB Live @ 9:30am

Town Hall Corn Exchange

11am Gentle
12:05pm Improver



9:30am Improver



Church Rooms

9:15 am Improver

10:20am Improver

11:30am Gentle




Brownsword Hall

9:25am Improver

10:30 Gentle

11:40 Gentle


  • What are the different levels?
    My classes are divided into 2 levels: Gentle & Improvers. Gentle classes are suitable for beginners and those who prefer a slower pace, I encourage everyone to start here. Improvers offers different and varied levels of challenge which build on the foundations established in the Gentle classes. These are for those who know the principles of my classes, know their limits, and can modify exercises according to their needs and limitations.
  • If I am very fit do I have to start with a gentle class?
    Learning Pilates is a process…we are trying to re-program certain movements or habits. Regardless of your existing level of fitness, this requires starting at the beginning with the basics and building up gradually. It can take a few weeks to learn and build correct technique. The need for this gradual process is often more evident in a very ‘fit’ person.
  • How long before I move up?
    Everybody learns at their own pace, some people like to stay in a gentler class for longer than others. Most people do a (Beginners) Gentle course of 6 weeks, then re-do it to feel confident they are working correctly, before moving on to the Improver (more difficult) class. Progress comes from practise and repetition. This gives your mind and body time to process and absorb the work. You will develop awareness of what is comfortable and possible for your body. Rather than wanting to 'perform' any particular movement, it is about recognising when to push on and when to be cautious. Once you recognise your limits, you can join any level of class as you will naturally know when to modify.
  • Will it help my bad back/neck/shoulder/hip?
    Over the years, I have seen many people feel much relief and improvement from a range of different injuries and conditions. The combination of movement and strength-focused exercises, along with simple variety can bring physical support. However, building awareness is key. Awareness helps us move in different ways which can really help.
  • What should I expect to happen during a class?
    There are usually 8-12 participants in each class. The class is predominantly done laying on the mat (where problems with your back or other joints are less effected). As we move down to the mat, we will sometimes pause for an exercise on All 4's. Occasionally, we'll start (or finish) with a short standing routine as this is important for function. Moves will be developed gradually over the class and term, alternatives are always given. Let me know if there are any moves you cannot do, or do not like! Although I don't tend to demonstrate the moves (as it is useful for you to listen and feel the work in your own body), I'm happy to show you if needed. I may come and adjust your body or help you individually. Let me know if you'd rather I didn't correct/touch you
  • What should I bring?
    You will need you own mat, ideally a thick 10ml Pilates mat (rather than a yoga mat). Let me know if you need any help or advice to purchase one. You may like to bring a small towel for under your head. Wear socks (no shoes) and comfy, loose or stretchy clothing without belts or anything which could restrict your movements.
  • What if it's too hard?
    All exercises can be modified, we will explore versions of the movement work for our own bodies. Starting with the Gentle class helps us learn the principles. A better place to start is: what is the easiest version of this exercise that I can do? Some positions or exercises may feel challenging but it should never hurt. If it does hurt...STOP, we will find another way. We can always work out an different version of the movement or exercise.
  • What are the benefits of Pilates?
    Benefits are many and varied, they are different for everyone. They may include improved strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, awareness and vitality. Many injuries can be helped through Pilates. Firstly it brings improved body awareness, helping you mange your body and injuries in a more supportive way. Secondly, building muscle tone helps protect joints and bones. Check on the website or email me to find out how Pilates can benefit you personally.
  • Can I do it with a bad back or other injury?
    Absolutely. Being gentle, the beginners movements do not usually cause discomfort, as long as you are able to lay on your spine or side. Modifications can always be given if certain exercises are not useful or comfortable.
  • Are there men in the class?
    Yes! Everyone can do Pilates. Usually, classes are mixed, but once everybody gets down onto the floor and starts to concentrate, they are unaware of who else is in the class.
  • What if I can't keep up in class?
    Everyone works and develops at their own pace. You may find a certain exercise or position easy, whilst somebody else finds the same thing challenging. Starting with a Gentle level class will give you the time & space to help you figure things out. Also, you do not need to be 'fit' to do Pilates. The Gentle classes are challenging your brain as much as your body. We start with awareness, progressing the physical movements, at your pace.
  • What if I can't walk?
    You'll be able to participate in the class as long as you can arrive at the venue, get down onto the floor and lay down on a mat - even if you require support such as a chair to help you. You can do exercises on a chair when we do the occasional bit of standing work, if the position is uncomfortable for you. Practise getting to and from the floor at home, I can give you guidance with that.
  • What are the different membership options?
    There are 2 options, depending on how much content, variety and flexibility of access you require. *The All, gives you access to one live class per week and All digital workout options. Fast track to Strength & Flexibility *The One, offering one class per week (live or on-line). The details for membership options can be viewed HERE ( ). They include digital as well as in-person class options.
  • How long is the term?
    The courses last 6 weeks. A new 6 week term will then re-start (There is sometimes a pause in the dates as classes may span public holidays) The normal timetable classes stop over the holidays, however, I do offer maintenance classes for those of you who can’t bear to stop! There will also ALWAYS be digital classes available for you to do at home, via Zoom, Facebook or Youtube link. Sign up over holidays or join 'The All' membership where access is free over holidays & breaks (excluding August) Dates for the courses will always be issued in advance, and can be found on my website. (link to page) If you join mid-way through the term, you can pay pro-rata for the classes you attend.
  • Can I join mid term?
    Yes. If you join mid-way through the term, you can pay pro-rata for the classes you attend. The EarlyBird discount will then apply when you re-book into the new term
  • Can you book by the class or pay on the day?
    All classes are booked and paid by the term (6 week course). There is the possibility to pay for single digital class (a pre-recorded or zoom session). To book, please email me HERE. Payment is required in advance via BACs, or cash.
  • What if I miss a class?
    If you miss a class, I can send you a pre-recorded version of the class. This ensures you maintain continuity through the term. If you are on The All membership, missed classes may be made up by attending another live class, if there is availability.
  • How long does the pre-record class link last?
    The link will remain live from Monday to Sunday of the given week - 7 days
  • Is there an early bird discount for regulars?
    You can benefit from the EarlyBird discount by booking and paying in advance. Your place will be held until the Book & Pay date, after which, available places will be offered out.
  • What happens over the holidays?
    The normal timetable classes stop over the holidays, however, I do offer maintenance classes for those of you who can’t bear to stop! There will also ALWAYS be digital classes available for you to do at home, via Zoom, Facebook or Youtube link. Sign up over holidays or join 'The All' membership where access is free over the breaks (excluding August)
Got more questions or want to book?

Claire Myers

Pilates Instructor

Based in Dorset, United Kingdom


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