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Claire Myers gracefully practicing pilates on a blue mat

Welcome to 
Claire Myers Pilates

A uniquely safe and thorough approach to learning functional movement.

Are you experiencing stiffness or pain due to inactivity, desk work, aging, or injuries?

Perhaps you want to become stronger, fitter, and move more freely so you can continue to do the things you love (sports, gardening, playing with the kids) as well as the things you need to do (housework, traveling).

Let me help you future proof your body, feel less aches and pains and learn Pilates properly. My goal is to educate you about your body so you can make informed decisions about your abilities, both in class and in daily life.

Pilates Classes

Challenging the mind and body with considered and controlled exercises.

Pilates movements develop Strength Flexibility & Balance to future proof your body

benefits OF PILATES:

Tone and strengthen the body with a focus on stability
Increase flexibility with gentle range of movement
Improve posture and balance
Reduce back pain and tension
Exercises are layered and modified to your capabilities
Everyone can do it
Claire client practicing pilates together, the client performing a pilates pose while Claire helping her


If you require a more personal approach, book a private 1:1 session 

Claire clients doing pilates exercises while she is helping them


Join me in one of my 'in-person' group courses held in & around Dorchester

Screenshot of an online 1 to 1 video sessions


Participate from the comfort of your own space, with Digital classes On-Line  & On-Demand

Headshot of Claire Myers Pilates Instructor A woman sitting on a window cill in a serene atmosphere

Hello, I'm Claire

I am a Pilates and functional movement expert,  offering a uniquely safe and thorough approach to learning Pilates.


With a combination on Live & On-Line, my classes allow you to practice Pilates safely anytime, anywhere, as often as you want, at a level that suits your needs.

I want to bring the best learning experience and benefits to your body and to ensure I am teaching at as high a standard of safety and knowledge as I possibly can.

Happy clients

"Thank you so much Claire. The lifting and stretching (we do in class) has come in very handy that’s for sure...on moving house."


Get a whole body workout and a taste of what to expect from my classes

Smiling Claire Myers looking into the camera while doing pilates exercises
Free Class
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